Create a new word _ game

Hi all ,
This is English version of one of Turkish word game in Oyun Merdiveni.

There is four words that is formed double groups according to their common syllable.

Each of double groups have different unknown common syllables.

First we will try to find this unknown syllable and after we will try to create a new word with this two common syllables .

Example ;

Aut _ _ _ izon

Fal _ _ ven

_ _ _ _ _ ?

Answer :

Author – Horizon

False – Seven

And the member who find right word may ask a new question .

Questions :

CR  _ _ _ ULE


_ _ _ _ _ ?
Have fun :)

Anagram Words Game


Hello all ,

I know some users miss this game.Let me explain the game . This is a new word game

Let me write a word here , and the following member can write a new word that consist from first word’s letters.
And the member who find the right word ,can write or explain meaning of it.

Example ;

Garden –> Danger

My first question :

Master —> ?


I hope this forum will be useful us about improving our english vocabulary

Have a good time :)